Optimise Energy Solutions

An innovative global green technology Company

Circular Supply Chain Coverage

Optimise Energy Solutions (“OES”) is an innovative global green technology company that designs, arranges manufacture, installs and maintains energy-efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting market.

The Company offers lighting which has a life span of up to 15 years. All products and fixtures used by OES are accredited, certified and fully compliant in the areas in which the Customer’s business operates. The products are guaranteed by OES, parts and labour, for the life of their agreement.

Problem Statement

OES Multi Party Project Management

Problem Description

OES system involved field visits to audit current potential sites for a lighting installation. This involved the capture of building data, current light types, electricity bills and operational information.

This data was then entered into a purpose designed modelling system which calculated the energy savings opportunities and produced a base model for quoting purposes. Once the quote was produced it would be presented for acceptance. A successful quote lead to ordering of the lights and arranging and contracting installers and managing the logistics for light acceptance, storage and site delivery. Onsite visits by OES staff occurred regularly over the installation period.

Once the installation had been complete OES then owned the lighting installation for the full period of the energy performance contract which could be up to 10 years. This required the contracting of call centre monitoring to take maintenance calls over the lifetime of the contract. Across the World OES has several hundred thousand light installations requiring management for the life of the contract.

OES maintained a system of manually updated spreadsheets, word docs, written notes, text and PDF forms, along with manually maintained electronic filing systems required to monitor their contract liabilities.


Turboviz Integrated Platform

Smart Jobs Platform
Cloud Based Logistics system, Document Workflow platform and Mobile data capture.

Turboviz implemented a TurboAssets Smart Jobs platform which combined its collaborative workflow platform, logistics management and remote data capture via mobile smartphones.

The goal was to capture the data using the full capability of the Turboviz system. The Smart jobs mobile app linked to Cloud based dashboard captures the initial audit details in filed and transferred in real time to the cloud dashboard for integration into the OES modelling system. All data and associated photos and notes are instantaneously captured and stored in the cloud data base.

Once the quote has been generated and accepted the system initiates the work orders for manufacture and installation.

At the manufacturer, each light is individually coded with unique QR codes identifying each light. This uses the manufacturers own production data and labelling system.

During installation, each light installation is captured by the Turboviz Smart jobs app via the QR code as well as photographs as required. This is stored real time in the Cloud dashboard for access by OES staff who monitor installation progress. This allows unique identification of the position and time of the installation each light for OES work auditing, regulatory requirements as well as contract monitoring.

The App also includes an audit facility for OES to carry out in progress and final verification audits required by government for energy savings and clients.

Once the installation is finished an TurboViz App is provided to the client for maintenance monitoring. Where a light needs replacing the Client scans the lights QR code and the app immediately uploads work orders too OES, the approved installer and the lighting supplier.

Significant Increase in efficiency

With the installation of the TurboViz SmartJobs system OES had immediate and significant increase in efficiency, decrease in costs and improved sales with property managers enthusiastic for an instant maintenance notification system, lowering their own maintenance overheads

OES: received access to technology that was equivalent to the best the major infrastructure companies deployed but at a fraction of the cost. The Cloud and mobile platform provided by TurboViz allowed OES to integrate all their job management from multiple standalone project files to a cloud based integrated system easily accessed by all staff. For the first time OES could see across all their projects in real time. The improvements seen by the business included;

Increased efficiency with elimination of double handling in transferring notes in remote locations to the central filing and project system

Visibility with GPS tracking, customer contact details and daily reporting of all installers activities

Less field visits required for remote installations.

Elimination of contracting call centre staff for the many years of the contract’s life

Ease of management of filed work Data and quicker production of quotes.

Improved cost and income management and government rebate claims.

Increased sales with the popular cloud supported instant maintenance reporting system.