Drake Business Services Asia

An innovative business services technology Company

Business Outsourcing

Drake Business Services Asia are a full-service provider of document management and business process outsourcing services to the APAC region. They focus on providing services that increase efficiency through connecting the physical and digital worlds

Problem Statement

Managed Mailroom and Messenger Services

Problem Description

Drake Business Services Asia provide corporate mailroom and messenger functions within Asia’s most demanding environments. They required a very cost efficient system that could bring all the efficiencies of digital data capture but in an environment significantly more competitive than encountered in Western cities

Many business centres in Asia are still on the pathway to digital communications and many businesses still require paper based document transfer. The mail systems are also not as reliable as could be expected and business leans heavily on courier and messenger systems for document transfer.

With labour not as expensive as western business settings and available technologies not as economical as required, DBSA approached Turboviz to supply its logistics delivery platform

DBSA had two aims, one to provide cost efficient mail room management and at the same time provide customised logistics solutions it could provide as its own platform to service extended logistics needs of its customers. This vision from DBSA would give it a complete service and a competitive advantage over its competitors who had expensive digital solutions or required significant extra manpower to provide services


Turboviz Integrated Delivery Platform

Cloud Based Logistics system, Workflow platform and Mobile data capture

Turboviz implemented a platform which combined its collaborative workflow platform, logistics management and data capture via mobile smartphones.

The goal was to bring cost effective efficiencies, converting manual delivery and mail management systems to bring real time visibility, traceability and end user communications around document delivery. The system linked to Cloud a based dashboard captures all details of inter office document movements as well as external mail management. All data and associated proof of delivery are instantaneously captured and stored in the cloud data base.

Drake Business Logistics were able to use the system to fix clients mailroom and messenger operational shortfalls, and provide detailed cost savings and increased operational efficiency prior to rollout. With excessive workforce and delivery costs the most pressing issue, reducing overstaffing and improving utilisation were prioritised

In collaboration with Turboviz DBSA deliver a real-time messenger tracking service through their Digital Hub, providing Clients GPS visibility of their messenger workforce and allowing more efficient, geofenced routes to be developed.

Significant Increase in efficiency

Fully-managed messenger service

End-to-end consignment tracking

Real-time messenger GPS tracking

Automated cost reconciliation

Simplified booking interface