First Choice Couriers

First Choice Couriers Regional Transport Centre 
    Wollongong and Southern Highlands

First Choice Couriers Wollongong, started out 30 years ago with one truck and lots of optimism. In 2016 the company employed over 80 people and had strong growth. The business was the agent of choice in Wollongong and the Southern Highlands for many International and Australian transport companies including DHL Supply Chain, DHL Express and Startrack.


Problem Statement

Typical Agent’s mix of Multi Party Standalone Systems.

Problem Description

As a local agent to multiple transport companies First Choice Couriers (FCC) used multiple delivery scanner systems provided by their clients. Where the technology was not available, paper based Con-notes and Proof of Delivery (POD) systems were used. The management system grew with the company. Like many agents systems it became a series of manually updated spreadsheets, word docs, written notes, text and PDF forms, built around their own TMS software. Double handling of information was common, especially where they had to manage returns and pickups for their transport clients. Data was manually transferred from the different client scanners into their computer, phone and email communication system. Often they didn’t charge for the pickup job due to the difficulty in consolidating and auditing the data. Reverse billing data for payment from their clients took up to a month before they knew what work had been completed and verified.

In the Vans it was similarly complex, with drivers sorting packages into runs using up to six different scanners, each with different operating systems. Other clients still used paper con-notes and PODs.


Turboviz Integrated Platform

With the company growing rapidly the management were looking for an opportunity to take more control over the business and gain extra efficiency. The opportunity came with the shutting down of the 2G Network making some of the older scanners obsolete. In 2016 there were few choices that could give any Transport Agent the ability to get visibility and delivery management across it’s whole business and multiple customers.  The Turboviz integrated platform was ahead of its time and already working with Couriers please, a large customer of FCC.

FCC was given the opportunity to implement the Turboviz “Turboviz” platform to replace the Couriers Please scanners. Turboviz was cloud based and supported on Samsung Smartphones piggybacked to Bluetooth Laser barcode scanners.

The attraction or the Turboviz platform was its multi-client capability allowing First Choice Couriers to digitalise their own deliveries as well as Couriers Please. Once Couriers Please and First Choice systems were integrated with the Turboviz platform, a program was implemented to bring other customers onboard.

With each integration to their next client First Choice removed double handling, lowered their paperwork and started getting a real-time view of the full operations of their business.

Increasing Control Over Their Business

As the system settled in the staff started to see the full operational performance across the company for the first time. The Administration manager commented: “We were never able to follow our drivers progress during the day before, we had to wait for reports back from our clients to verify what had been captured on their scanners or wade through the POD paperwork.”

With each integration the double handling of data and paperwork gets less and staff and driver efficiency increase.

Proof of Delivery was able to be provided same day rather than over days or weeks. Staff who previously spent hours managing paper systems were transferred into more productive areas. FCC has been able to look for new clients with the extra capacity.

Feedback from Management, Drivers and admin staff has been excellent. The following list highlights how the Turboviz platform is helping transforming FCC from a mix of different systems to being able to integrate across their business when they needed to upgrade their TMS system.

Increased efficiency

Elimination of chasing and matching paperwork.

Frontline staff working with one system and one device, increasing day-to-day efficiencies making troubleshooting much easier.

Full control over Pickup allocation to with visibility from acknowledgement through to completion.


Can see current status in real-time

GPS co-ordinates captured for each delivery point

Full access to address and consignee information, which helps to resolve queries much more quickly

Data can be used to verify accounting

Company wide overview of day-to-day activities never before possible.

Uniformity and Ease of Training

Standardised systems make improvements in training and procedures much easier

Easy and self-explanatory to use

Majority of people have prior knowledge on how to operate the hardware (back, home, apps, brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc) compared to other scanning equipment Up-time

When our customers’ systems have unexpected downtime or connection issues, we can still deliver and provide real-time tracking information (particularly useful for urgent/critical deliveries)

Capabilities to continue deliveries offline if absolutely necessary.