A HyperLocal Last Mile eCommerce Service Company

On Demand Delivery Management

Nearme.Shop  is a Hyper-Local Last Mile eCommerce Service Company.  They provide an eCommerce solution for local retailers and suppliers to maintain strong connection with their local customers, allowing them to keep contact their brick and mortar customers by providing digital delivery systems

Problem Statement

Typical Agent’s mix of Multi Party Standalone Systems.

Problem Description

Smaller local retailers in High Streets and Malls are at a competitive disadvantage in competing with national and international retailers and eCommerce giants. The move to online digital shopping and last mile delivery leaves local brick and mortar shops at the mercy of having to use large international on demand, delivery App companies. Their business is just one of many on the Apps Platform.

When they use these platforms, they face many disadvantages:

If local retailers and businesses choose to manage their own local deliveries, they face significant issues in getting competitive delivery options:


Turboviz Integrated Delivery Platform

Cloud Based Logistics system, eCommerce connection and Mobile Track and Trace

The Turboviz platform allows Nearme.Shop to aggregate local businesses, suppliers and customers requirements to increase delivery volume and access a much cheaper and efficient delivery options.  This increased volume is then optimised to give the most efficient deliveries per hour and avoids inefficient and expensive on demand systems

The Turboviz platform is integrated to multiple carrier systems. This gives local retailer and businesses access to:

This provides Nearme.Shop the ability to provide services that allow stakeholders a greater efficiency in servicing the local areas




Significant Increase in efficiency

By aggregating local business, and delivery using the Turboviz platform, Nearme.Shop can take control of last mile territories

Using Turboviz to Link an eCommerce site for local stores with local efficient delivery system ensures loyalty

Becoming the platform for both national eCommerce orders and local delivery allows Nearme.Shop to control of the last mile

The Nearme.Shop Local territory model made available through the Turboviz Platform can be easily replicated across multiple jurisdictions