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TurboViz is a smart, connected platform for transport and logistics solutions. With cloud-based automation and GPS tracking, TurboViz allows you to coordinate all your jobs on your smartphone. The software includes geofencing and customer SMS communications for up-to-date management of deliveries.
The TurboTrans platform helps businesses easily implement delivery networks, guaranteeing compliance and increased customer service. The app also includes a high-speed scanner capable of reading any barcode and sign-on glass to capture POD. TurboViz technology is cost-effective with no contracts and no legacy systems. Access is via an inexpensive monthly subscription with no lock-in clauses.


TurboViz partners with Opturion to deliver the best in transport optimisation technology. The Opturion Dynamic Transport Optimiser is integrated with TurboTrans software, helping TurboViz find the best routes and best allocations of drivers to deliveries. Opturion uses cutting-edge, 21 st century technology to save and money. Based on Google Eureka award-winning research, the Dynamic Transport Optimiser outperforms traditional transport optimisation systems by around 35% with its innovative approach to problem-solving. Opturion optimisation outperforms traditional transport optimisation systems, considering multiple constraints at the same time for greater accuracy and flexibility. TurboTrans uses Opturion technology to
help companies better utilise their fleets, drive fewer kilometres and schedule more customer orders

Case Study

In 2017, Opturion and TurboViz performed an analysis for a leading pathology company with the aim of optimising the company’s fleet operations and saving time and money when picking up and deliver ing samples. The company in question has over 90 NATA-accredited laboratories, performing more than six million tests a year for a range of clients, including doctors, specialists, patients, hospitals and businesses. These laboratories service over 92 private hospitals and eight public hospitals, making them the largest pathology provider to public hospitalsin Australia.
At the time of the analysis, the company’s fleet operations suffered from several defects. Pickup vehicles were running along regular allocated routes to and from laboratories, with minimal communication between drivers and laboratories. Consequently, over a third of pickup points had no samples available for pickup during any given run of a route. In contrast, roughly 10% of samples were marked ‘urgent’, requiring delivery within two hours, which often required the company to spend extra money on specialist couriers. Furthermore, inefficient vehicle allocation resulted in a disparity between fleet size and driver numbers that was causing needless expenditure on the part of the company.
The solutions proposed by TurboViz and Opturion involved implementing more data per sample, aided by TurboTrans’ proof-of-delivery capabilities. With the ability to incorporate origin and destination data for each sample, as well as pickup time windows, caps on transit time and potential intermediate drop-off points, they proposed a solution with a range of benefits, including:

Maintaining profiles including vehicle and delivery data

Dynamic schedule capable of planning delivery schedules with one day’s notice and reoptimizing
route in response to changing circumstances

Able to unassign, reassign, and automatically delete jobs to enhance efficiency and avoid futile

Signature capture, proof of delivery and scanning capability via electronic job manifest
Pickup records, notifications, and driver history with GPS tracking and geofencing

These features, among others, stand to empower the pathology company to vehicle usage by a third and cut costs by 36% while keeping to a delivery schedule that would ensure all samples were delivered within the desired two-hour time window. By relaxing the time-constraints, driver usage could be cut by up to 52%

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